Backstap Weaving
Backstrap weaving is a traditional and ancient form of weaving that dates back thousands of years and is part of the cultural heritage of the Karen Hill Tribe, or locally referred to as Pga K'nyau, an ethnic group primarily residing in the hills and mountains of Thailand, Myanmar, and neighboring regions.
Cultural Significance of Backstrap Weaving

In the Pga K'nyau community, backstrap weaving has been passed down through generations and is considered a traditional art form. It consists of bars/sticks, and a strap/belt that wraps around the weaver's back.

Backstrap weaving holds significant cultural, social, and economic importance within the Pga K'nyau Hill Tribe, serving as a link to their heritage and traditions while also supporting their livelihoods.

COH x Po Muea Ma Che

Since early 2023, we have been on a mission to learn more about traditional Pga K'nyau back-strap loom weaving techniques and blend them with our ethos of sustainable practices, crafting one-of-a-kind, multifunctional wearable art pieces from organic cotton, naturally dyed and hand woven to reflect the rich heritage of the region.

These artisans' stories weave through each thread, which we have captured in compelling interviews. From Nho Sao Dae’s lifelong dedication to weaving, to her daughter, Nho Ti Giow,’s newfound role as a weaver, these narratives showcase not only the artistry behind each piece but also the intriguing stories of village life from Nho Sao Dae’s early adolescence, over 50 years ago, vs the role of weaving in the village today.

At Color of Heat, we are dedicated to preserving this rich tradition and safeguarding its intrinsic value in today's world. Through our commitment, we aim to uphold the legacy of handmade craftsmanship and ensure its continued presence in our modern society. Together, we weave a tapestry of tradition, where each thread represents a story of perseverance and cultural heritage.