Here at Color of Heat, we are working hard to break the chain of fast-fashion.
We believe it is important to design and produce quality products, minimize waste at every step, and to keep old clothing in circulation and out of landfills.
With this goal, we have created a fun new line called, “reHeat” using all our fabric scraps to make funky and fun tote bags, accessories, and unique shorts!
Color of Heat is our family’s business and passion, run from our studio home in Athens, GA. 
Still just the three of us, sustainable operations and living remain a part of our ethos: our home/studio/office was was designed & built by our area's premier green/high efficiency builder; local transportation is performed with a fully electric vehicle; and our home is surrounded by an edible permaculture landscape designed to produce food with efficient use of both the land and water. Our own muscle power, not petroleum, provides the labor in the garden. We incorporate these concepts into our daily lives, as well as the operation of Color of Heat. And of course, we only use green, biodegradable bags at our booth!