Closed Loop Graphic


About 15% of textiles end up on the cutting room floor. That's tens of millions of tons of waste each year--just from clothing manufacturing. That does not count textile factories, packaging, and what we, as consumers, do with garments later.

Color of Heat is rethinking fabric waste.  We look at this "waste" as a resource—saving all our scraps and turning them into beautiful upcycled goods in our reHeat Collection.

We use fabric remnants + our vintage recycled garments to make funky tote bags, scrap garlands, patchwork clothing, scrunchies, fanny-packs, and whatever else we can think up!

We want a “closed loop” lifecycle with our clothing being repaired and recycled instead of discarded.

At the end of a garment’s life, we pay postage to have it returned then repurpose it back into the design cycle.

Sustainable operations are part of our ethos:
Color of Heat operates from a high-efficiency home studio
Local transportation via electric vehicle & cooperative solar
Edible permaculture landscape surrounds our studio
Muscle power provides the work in our studio & garden