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No Hassle Warranty:
We guarantee our items against defects in materials and workmanship for a minimum of 1 year from date of purchase  

We pay for shipping both ways within the United States (lower 48). Outside the US Lower 48, you are responsible for returning the item to us. We will either repair or exchange warranty items. Anything that cannot be repaired will be recycled into our reHeat program. Contact us here before returning warranty items.

Repairs & Recycling:
Everything, even awesome clothing, has a life cycle 

Together we can break the chain of fast fashion--and create a new cycle: we make a garment; you buy it; you love it; and someday you return it to be repaired or transformed it into something else.

And, from there, a NEW cycle continues. So, if you are ever finished with a Color of Heat garment, please don't throw it away!

Wear your Color of Heat garment until it can't be worn anymore--then return it to us to be repaired or recycled. Use one of the options below!

In-Warranty Repairs: go here

Out-of-Warranty Repairs: go here

reHeat Recycling Program: go here