reHeat Service (Recycling and Trade In)

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Has your vintage Color of Heat garment worn out--or just doesn't work for you anymore? 

Choose our NO COST Recycling / Trade In and receive free return shipping and a code worth 10-20% of your item's current selling price, depending upon our assessment of condition and repairability**

Credit issued after receipt:
10%: Unrepairable or worn-out items needing extensive work to upcycle
15%: Good used condition and may be repaired and refurbished
20%: Excellent used condition needing no refurbishment

Our reHeat Program up-cycles garments into new and amazing one-of-a-kind items! We pay shipping and, once your item arrives to our studio, you get a special code worth a percentage of your item's current replacement cost. Use the code with any future purchase! 

How does it work?
Add your item (drop down menu on this page) to the cart and check out
Receive pre-paid shipping by email and mail the item to us
Receive your future credit by email after receipt and inspection of your item

Congratulations! Together we just helped end the cycle of fast fashion

To REPAIR a Color of Heat garment, go here instead

**for genuine Color of Heat items only. All services, products, and prices subject to change without notice


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