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Christa Combs
Astonishing Love

It's hard to articulate how much I love everything about COH. From the moment Kat told me her story and how she formed COH to the heartfelt details that go into the lovely process of creating each individual piece.
I can't recommend their products enough! If you want to feel connected to a bigger picture and honestly, HAPPY about a purchase, COH is definitely the answer!
Best wishes and love!


VIDEO: ways to wear

Did you know there are multiple ways you can use and wear our Wrap? Here's a tutorial showing ways to wear for you!

Multi-use, many ways to wear, and it even lays flat to comfortably fit 3-4 adult sized humans seated for festival days or picnics!

The most versatile piece of art you will ever own.

These gorgeous batik fabrics are hand painted and one of a kind.

At half the size of our Wearable Throw, these 4-pocket wraps are perfectly sized for light warmth and wear-anywhere convenience.

Wear with pockets out in a "half-jacket" style. Or wear it with pockets inside in a "hand-warmer" style! Some patterns (as indicated) include a button closure which may also be worn asymmetrically like a poncho, and around your waist like a skirt or coverup (see photos)!

Fabric Options:
Festival - $89
- Fine Fabric - $119
- Hand Painted Batik - $159

Size: about 26"x70" including fringe
Four large corner pockets: they hold your items and keep hands cozy.
EASY CARE and PRE-WASHED:These don't need frequent washing. As needed, machine wash and dry (cool/low temperatures) with your other casual garments. For long-term preservation of the original color intensity, hand wash cool with gentle fabric detergent and line dry.

Each piece is hand-painted. The main middle panel will have the same look and feel as the example. Border panels and pockets are fabric remnants and may vary from the photos, adding to each piece's unique character.

*Multi Earth* features hand-painted panels pieced into a lively patchwork. The panels come together to add unique depth and interest. Each Multi Earth wrap will be completely unique!


Watch our About Batik to see how our beautiful batik products are made and learn about the amazing process behind it!

Fair Trade


Conscious Consumption

About Batik

Batik is an ancient tradition practiced 

in many places throughout Asia. 

Some batik uses a block stamp to create 

a perfect wax motif, however all of our 

patterns are created by the hand of an artist. 

Therefore, each Color of Heat batik piece is like a wearable work of art and uniquely its own!


Shipping Information

Free Shipping on orders of $25+

All orders will typically ship within 2-3 working days, unless it is a pre-order product, or stated otherwise.

Returns & Exchange

Our Promise:

We want you to LOVE your Color of Heat purchase--and we promise you will! If you are not satisfied for any reason, you may return new condition items at any time within 30 days.


Return new condition items within 30 days of purchase. Contact us here for a return label.

To exchange an item, reach out to us here for a return label. Then just purchase the item you'd like instead from our shop and we will get it to you ASAP. Once we receive the original item back in new condition, we will refund your purchase payment.

Repairs, Recycling, and Warranty:

Together we can break the chain of fast fashion! Learn how here.

How Do I choose the right Size

Warranty, Repairs, & Recycling


We guarantee our items against defects in materials and workmanship for a minimum of 1 year from date of purchase.

We pay for shipping both ways within the United States (lower 48). Outside the US Lower 48, you are responsible for returning the item to us. We will either repair or exchange warranty items. Anything that cannot be repaired will be recycled into our reHeat program. Contact us here to return warranty items.

In-Warranty Repairs: go here

Out-of-Warranty Repairs: go here


Everything, even awesome clothing, has a life cycle.

Together we can break the chain of fast fashion--and create a new cycle: we make a garment; you buy it; you love it; and someday you return it to be repaired or transformed it into something else.

And, from there, a NEW cycle continues. So, if you are ever finished with a Color of Heat garment, please don't throw it away! We will actually pay you to send it back to us!

Wear your Color of Heat garment until it can't be worn anymore--then return it to us to be repaired or recycled in exchange for COH cash:

reHeat Recycling Program: go here

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